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5 Common Errors Made by Most Gamblers

“At Gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.” When agent 007 himself gives us a lesson, we should listen to him. Gambling is when you put your money on the chances of the happening or not happening of an uncertain event. There are different reasons why different people dive into gambling. Some do it for the thrill of the game. The heart beating like a wild horse, vein pumping inside the body as the outcome approaches closer is what makes some people throw in their money on gambling. However, some play it as everything depends on their gamble. They want to make quick money and walk out of place with pockets full of cash. There is a third kind which is somewhat the mix of the first two. These people start with gambling for fun but soon lose everything to its addiction. Gaming becomes a habit for them, and any practice that crosses the line becomes a deadly addiction. They never know when to stop. Their lousy luck soon turns into offensive play. These people may need some advice on how to stay with the game, but they also need some help on how to turn their bad play into a sensible one. Take note of the five common errors made by most gamblers.

Spending Too Much Money

Gambling often turns into an addiction deadlier than drugs, which becomes difficult to stop. The most common mistake that gamblers make is spending too much money on gambling. However, this is because they find it difficult to answer a very straightforward yet complicated question. How much is too much? There is no definite answer to it for it depends on the financial condition of the person. Just close your eyes and ask yourself. To what extent can I spend my money on gambling and still pay for all my necessities and usual luxuries? You will get an answer to this. The next time you cross that line, you know you have to stand up and leave the room before you end up giving more. The next time you are out of cash in a month before the usual month-end date, it is a signal for you to take a break from gambling. If you have a family, then it is better to stop already for this isn’t just about you anymore.


Tilting in gambling is when you lose control of yourself and the game out of frustration and end up making wrong bets. Professional gamblers know how to tilt others, and many of them admit that tilting is a weak spot in their game. This happens when you lose a game you expected to win and place less than optimal bets for higher money in subsequent rounds, out of confusion and frustration to make up for the lost game. Sometimes, other players can make you tilt by getting on your nerves with their nagging. While dealing with tilt, it so happens that you place a lot of money on a bet with high chances of winning and still lose that game. This is a time to introspect that the game is, after all, a game of probabilities. Instead of raising the stake, play for lesser bets in the subsequent rounds until you clear your head.

Missing the Value Bet

A value bet is a trick in poker where you try to extract maximum money from your opponent when you know you have a better hand. This is a trick used by experts where they make the opponents believe that the opponent has the upper hand and makes them bet for as long as possible. When the opponent calls, you win a lot of money as you knew you had the upper hand. Usually the player bets for an amount of money that the opponent would be willing to pay for his/her worst hand. However, it is not a cent percent successful trick. Players make the mistake of playing thinking that they have the upper hand but lose their money in the end. Another mistake is where the player misses the value of the bet and bids for higher money, which makes the opponent fold his hand.

Placing too many Wagers

Gamblers, especially beginners, make the common mistake of placing too many bets. So even when that person wins a gamble, he/she eventually lose the money by losing all other gambles. You will end up with less money if this is the case. Sports gamblers sometimes place their bets on a wide range of sports or choose one game and bet on every event of that sport. Neither of them is a good way to gamble, and the trick lies in finding the middle ground between these two extremes. Instead of betting over a range of games, select a game you know well. Now instead of placing bets on all events of the sport, place your bet on facts which you feel will turn in your favor. Gambling is less about placing bets and more about putting the best bets you possibly can.

Forgetting to Cash Out

How often have you heard people tell each other not to be greedy? Even after knowing about it, it isn’t easy to give away the thought of earning a little extra every time you receive something. Gamblers’ quest for more and more money blurs their vision, and they often forget to pull their brakes. Sometimes it is your best day as you are winning a lot of money and getting the best hand in the table. Or else you may have gained a lot of money from a single bet. This is where you need to remind yourself to politely leave the table and cash out what you have won. Most gamblers get greedy here and sit longer in the table. They often start to place higher bets thinking that it is their lucky day. However, this is when one wrong hand takes away all that you had won. Gamblers should repeat on thing in their mind- Know when to stop.


The key to gambling is not in winning the odds but in playing the odds like a game. You must remember when to stop and at how much to stop. Please do not represent the game like your life depends on it. What started as a leisure activity should remain there and should not cross the line where you don’t know if you are playing the game or surviving life. The secret of gambling is in embracing your bad days and leaving the table at the right time on good days.