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Explanation on How to Play Bingo Online

Online gaming is proving more popular than ever, mainly thanks to the amount of fun you can have from the comfort of your own home. But for those who are interested in seeing what all the fuss about but have never even played bingo, let alone online bingo, the idea can be a bit daunting. Thankfully there is no reason to worry as the majority of online bingo games are easy to join and play. Here’s how it works.

Where to play

To get started you will firstly need to decide which online bingo provider you want to play with. There are plenty to choose from and most providers offer a similar set up and game play options, so it is up to you as to which games appeal to you more. Once you have decided you will need to register for an account and then deposit some money for use during the games. As a new player most gaming sites will offer a new player bonus to your initial deposit, often doubling the amount or more.

Many sites offer a ‘free play’ option which can be handy for beginners as you can see how the game is laid out and played and make sense of any jargon or game play techniques before you put up any money. Once you are ready, however, online bingo is very much like the normal game. You buy bingo cards that you need to complete which can be seen on one side of your screen and numbers will be ‘called’ by the computer at random on the other side of your screen for you to mark off your card by a click of the mouse. Many bingo sites will automatically mark off the numbers from your bingo card as they are called, which can be helpful at first as you get used to watching all your cards. However, some do not and you will need to follow your cards yourself.

With many gaming sites you can also converse to other players via the chat box while you enjoy the game. Being able to talk to other players helps to add to the excitement of the game and helps develop a community feel to your experience. You are also likely to see other boxes and links such as online news, comments and pictures from previous winners and details of upcoming games or special events that might interest you.

Calling ‘house’

Again, the majority of bingo sites will follow your cards automatically so you will instantly be shown if you have a winning line or pattern. For those that do not do this, you will probably need to click a bingo button when you believe you have a winning combination. From there, collecting your pay-out is easy as the site will generally add your winnings straight into your account for you to withdraw when you are ready. If the winnings seem lower than expected do not forget that if more than one person wins, the pay-out will be split.