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Best Winning Roulette Strategies

Unlike many other online gambling portals, our site is not here to sell you an award-winning or guaranteed Roulette Strategy. This is because all the available strategies found online, the Martingale and D’Alembert for example, are not infallible and a complete waste of time. Instead, we are here to show you a few quick tips, tricks, and hints that can be used to make sure you have a good time playing online roulette (that is what it is about after all) and to make sure you give yourself a very good chance of winning at least something. That being said, however, a roulette table is a fickle thing and burns hot and cold. Luck could, or could not be on your side, so the most important tip we could ever give you is to manage your money properly and make sure you only bet what you can afford to lose.

Always Play European Roulette

The first bit of advice we are going to give you is to make sure you only play at the European Roulette table, both online and at the many land-based casinos. This is because the odds of the European table are better than those of its American cousin. European Roulette Tables only have a single zero at the top of the table whereas the American tables, introduced later on by greedy New Orleans casino owners, have an extra zero, which makes the house edge better. A European Online Roulette Table has a small house edge of 2.63%, an American Online Roulette Table, however, has a considerably larger house edge of 7.89%, making it harder to win.

Use Casino Bonuses Wisely

Even though the allure of free money is one that not many can resist, casino bonuses should be viewed with caution. We are not saying they are all bad, all we’re saying is that some, from the less reputable of casinos, tend to have extremely high wagering requirements, ones that, if not used correctly, will prevent you from both winning big and cashing out when you are on top. For example, a free play bonus, one that will give you $50 to play with, might have a wagering requirement of 100 times the bonus. This means you will have to wager $5000 before you will be allowed to cash out any winnings accrued when playing with the initial $50 deposit.

The Martingale System

This system, although it has many holes and should be treated with caution, is one of the simplest to remember when you need a dash of inspiration or should you need to try something new to break a losing streak. In its simplest form, the Martingale system involves doubling losses. This means that you will be able to recover your initial loss with a win the next time round. This, however, does come with a certain amount of risk as you have no idea when a losing streak might end, also when your money might run out and most importantly if the table limit will be met. Our advice to you is to use this system sparingly and if it is not working to abandon it.

The Simplest Strategy

This roulette strategy involves placing chips in strategic areas, effectively covering roughly 80% of the table. The basic idea is to place one chip on the red, outer table bet and two chips apiece on the columns 2 – 35 and 3 – 36. The single red outer bet is for the third column where there are only 4 blacks to 8 reds, whereas the other two columns are equally colored. 

The win is not guaranteed every time, but the odds offered by using this particular online roulette strategy are the highest.

Outside Table Bets

If you are a little unsure about roulette, one of the best ways to play and also one of the safest is to make use of the outside bets. These, the 1st 12, 2nd 12, 3rd 12, 1 – 18, Even, Red, Black, Odd, 19 – 36, and the 2 – 1 column bets found on the bottom of the table. These bets have a higher chance of winning, some, the Red and Black bets even as high as 48%. They are also relatively easy to keep track of as the various payouts are still low. This is the best strategy for beginners to use as it will allow you to slowly introduce yourself to the complicated world of Online Roulette.

Spread Strategy

This simple, yet effective strategy will allow you to win more or less, 80% of the time. It involves spreading your bets over a majority of the board, using the columns on the left of the table. What is important to remember, you should not place any chips on the outside bets: 1st, 2nd, or 3rd twelve as you will end up breaking even every time. With the spread strategy, you are betting just enough to win, even if it’s a little amount after each spin and a loss, when the only number or zero is hit, is minimal, and will only happen 20% of the time (more or less). What is important to remember is that no system is perfect, the house odds will always favor the casino, the spread system however will minimize those odds and turn them in your favor.